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Embarking on the web adventure can sometimes seem terrifying to people whose job it is not. This type of project also raises a lot of questions…

  • For you, never. Everyone has their own job, and mine is to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the whole process, from the initial briefing to pushing your website online and taking care of it by yourself. I am counting on you to provide me with your content, your ideas and your feedback. I will take care of the rest with complete transparency and with as little technical jargon as possible.
  • For me, sometimes. Each project brings its own small dose of challenges, but you will never have to worry about them. I take care of the problems and provide you with the solutions.
  • How much does a car cost? Your new website obviously won't cost you the price of a car. However, establishing your quote will also depend on your needs and the options you wish to add: a one-page website, a larger showcase site, an online store, a portfolio, a reservation form, a blog of articles, a standard color or a metallic finish. Everything is possible but not always at the same price.
  • As with the purchase of your car, you will have a budget to stick to and I must offer you a vehicle that you like visually, that holds the road and all this at a fair and reasonable price, for you as for me.
  • After putting your project online, I propose a maintenance contract (optional) for your website and the possibility of adding additional options which will be subject to a new quote. Other than that, you won't have any surprise expenses.
  • Do not hesitate to contact me to obtain a free quote based on the specifics of your project.
  • Every project being different, your involvement will depend on the nature of your activity. In general, I will only expect from you the information I need to complete your project, your ideas and suggestions, your feedback throughout the process and a serious dose of enthusiasm.
  • As it is your business and your product, you will be responsible for writing the textual content of your website. I can help you and make suggestions regarding the tone and length of the texts to be written, so that they integrate harmoniously into your site while highlighting your activity. I will take care of the integration of this content before putting it online and will teach you how to integrate/modify content afterwards independently and comfortably.
  • If you opt for an e-commerce site, a portfolio site for your works or photographs or even a blog with your articles or cooking recipes, you will be asked to kindly encode your products (texts, prices, photos, etc.), your images (photos, description, etc.) or your articles or recipes. I will encode a few examples for each category and explain how to do it, but the bulk of the encoding will be up to you.
  • Once your site is online and in your hands, updating your content (new content, new images, new products, etc.) can sometimes seem boring or time-consuming (or both). You no longer want to take care of it? I remain at your disposal to take care of it, subject to the establishment of a new fixed or one-off quote.
  • Showcase website: this is a site whose main purpose is to present your brand, your services, your works of art or your products without having the possibility of making purchases directly via this platform. This is the window of your shop: your potential customers will be able to discover your products, but to be able to buy them, they will have to enter the store.
  • E-commerce site (e-shop): this is the interior of your shop. Your customers will be able to select the products or services they want and will make their purchases directly on your platform. Generally speaking, an e-commerce site also includes the components of a showcase site (about page, contact page, etc.). It is often both the window and the interior of your store.
  • One-page site: this is the “light” version of a showcase site, consisting of a single page on which you can find all the information you deem necessary. If you want to keep your content simple, effective and at low cost, this option is for you.
  • A responsive website is designed and developed to adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions. It can therefore be easily consulted on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, in a fluid and ergonomic manner.
  • Yes, all my clients' websites are designed and developed keeping the responsive aspect in mind, in order to satisfy their reading on the various current media.
  • Do you already have a website but only want to refresh its graphic appearance or structure ? It is possible. However, a prior analysis will be necessary to determine the feasibility of the adaptation and its profitability compared to the creation of a new site. Taking over someone else's work or an older project can bring more unpleasant surprises than expected and I will do my best to warn you if it is wiser to start completely from scratch than to patch up an obsolete or unstable structure.
  • You have a website created by me and wish, after putting it online, add or modify structural elements (new pages, page sections, minor reorganization of the structure). I remain at your disposal to make these modifications as part of a quote independent of the initial quote for your site.
  • The maintenance contract is a bit like the maintenance contract of your website after it has been put into circulation. This is an annual package that covers regular updates (between once a week and once a month, depending on the complexity of the site) of your site, its technical architecture, functional modules and security, possible repair of damage caused by these updates as well as regular backup of your entire site.
  • The maintenance contract is not mandatory. However, if you do not maintain your vehicle regularly after its warranty period, any breakdowns will not be covered by your dealership. The technologies used in the design of your site are evolving to make it more secure and reliable. Neglecting these updates can potentially harm the functioning of your site and the security of your data. Any repairs to a website outside of a maintenance contract will be billed at an hourly rate.
  • Yes. Your site will be equipped with all the necessary security modules to protect it from possible attacks or data capture. A backup process will be put in place so that you can always reverse course in the event of damage. As mentioned in the previous section, the absence of a maintenance contract means that you will be responsible for updating these modules and performing regular backups.
  • GDPR compliance module will be installed on your site.
  • No, not for the graphic design and technical development of your website. Technology already contributes enough to my work to sacrifice my personal touch.
  • Yes, solely for the creation of images and visuals in order to illustrate your site without you having to resort to a session with a photographer or purchase images protected by copyright.
  • No. Just as with the use of artificial intelligence, I try to offer designs that are as personalized as possible.
  • Yes, if you wish me to, at the risk of perhaps ending up with a website that strongly resembles that of other people who have chosen this same template.
  • Are you starting your new activity or want to freshen up your current image before starting to create a website? I offer my services to help you create a graphic identity that will allow you to assert yourself with your potential customers. A (new) logo, a graphic charter (bringing together your colors, your fonts and your graphic identity), graphic elements allowing you to illustrate your social networks and advertising campaigns, etc. It's possible.
  • Once your business is up and running, you may need documents and tools that reflect your graphic identity: business cards or promotional leaflets, newsletters or digital advertising banners. It's doable.
  • Do you prefer to visualize what your site will look like before starting technical development or do you not have a clear idea of its structure? I offer my services to create wireframes (the framework of the pages of your site, without graphic design) of your website as well as the graphic design of the design of your website and its pages (the wireframes with their graphic design). These two phases may be optional depending on the scale and nature of your project. If these steps are not necessary, you can trust me to design and develop your website in parallel.
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