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Who am I? What are my skills and the projects I have worked on? What can I do for you? You can find all the answers to your questions down there.

A wide range of skills

With training in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at Cepegra, I acquired 3 years of experience in the printing sector and 15 years in the field of website design and development. I had the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, both creative (graphic conceptualization of the project) and technical (development of the project in a web environment). From the creation of wireframes, the graphic design of your project (Photoshop, Figma) and the creation of logos (Illustrator) to the development of your site (WordPress, HTML5, CSS3), you can count on me.

Varied and satisfied customers

During my 15 years as a web designer and developer in an agency, I had the privilege of participating in a multitude of projects relating to various sectors of activity. Telecommunications (Orange, VOO, …), the financial sector (Swift , Sibos, TreeTop Asset Management, …) and the industrial sector (AGC Europe, Lukoil, AB InBev, …) and non-profit organisations (Belgian Red Cross, WWF Belgium, Participate! Autism, …). A wide range of projects and satisfied customers who trusted my expertise, creativity and professionalism. Why not you?

My philosophy

There are no small projects. To me, everyone deserves a professional digital image, without having to empty his/her piggy bank. Whether you carry out a commercial, cultural or non-profit activity, and wish to mark the world of the web with your imprint or just to give it a makeover, I am at your disposal. My previous experience in the field of printing has allowed me to incorporate into my work the foundations of precise, methodical and attentive work, always making it a point of honour to ensure that my missions are carried out successfully and on time, while keeping in mind the final quality of all types of projects. Like a Swiss army knife, I am capable of many things related to web design. Just ask me what you need.

My services

Preliminary analysis

  • A detailed analysis of your project as well as advice and suggestions regarding the graphic and technical choices to make. Free quote
  • The creation of wireframes allowing you to preview the structure of your site, before even starting the graphic design.
  • Assistance and recommendations in the development of your textual content so that it can highlight your activity and integrate harmoniously into your website.

Graphic design

  • The graphic design of the pages of your site, research, retouching and creation of images in order to integrate your site in a harmonious manner.
  • The creation of your activity logo, available in several file formats allowing you to use it in all its forms (website, business cards, promotional materials, etc.).
  • The graphic and functional design of animated banners intended to enhance or promote your website.


  • The development of your website using relevant technologies according to your needs, ensuring its visibility and ergonomics on all media (computers, tablets and smartphones).
  • Choose your size: showcase site, e-commerce site, one page site, …
  • Implementation of graphical and/or structural updates based on your existing site.
  • Technical maintenance of your site and updating of its functional and security modules.

Flexibility & Reactivity

Whatever your project, there are no problems. Only solutions.

Creativity & Precision

Attention to detail from the creative phase through to project development.

Usability & Visibility

Your responsive site with the solid foundations of reliable SEO.

Security & Reliability

Your project and its data are under close surveillance at all times.

Support & Follow-up

I support you before, during and after your project, without unpleasant surprises.